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Why Indian Civilization has many forms of God..??

When we see Indian civilization, we find it unique in many ways. One of the uniqueness that attracts me is the existence of so many Gods and Goddesses. It is hard to believe that Indian civilization has conceptualized so many forms of God. Anyone can ask a simple question that why we Indians needed so many forms of Gods to worship. Is it mere a system of decentralization of power that every form of God governs as per various depictions or it is much more than this.
Traditionally, Indians believe that every soul has a journey which goes on beyond one life time. The concept of reincarnation indicates that every soul keeps on taking births and births till it’s ultimate purpose of life is achieved.
During this journey, a soul keeps on accumulating various good as well as difficult experiences. These experiences get imprinted somewhere in it’s very nature and as a result Karmic ‘Sanskaars’ are formed. These Sanskaars form our true nature as a human being. As every individual …

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